What.... the hell... ???

  • Actually there is the same scenario with every other coin now, while BTC sinks, burst and the other coins do exactly the same. Even if POCC or Adam or whatever or whoever doomed burst they cannot in the same time influence hundreds of other coins. There was a bullish run in december as it was many times in Burst and other cryptocoins history and now it's time for bears. In the end most coins has only speculation value, and none can ever raise in value forever. We had now bearish trend on BTC which affects every other coins as well. Is the Burst doomed I do not know. We will see.

  • hello everyone im new in the burstcoin

    so what im reading over here is that burst is faling and it wont get up is that right

    p/s if any one whats to help me with some burst so i can start mining ill give them back as soon as i can


  • I can remember when Burst was below 100 last year, then shot up to over 700, then back down, then back up then back down etc. I am not worried as the trend of Burst, and other coins is that of a roller coaster. I am sticking with it, as I prefer mining with Hard Drives over GPUs.

  • im here to stay tho ive allways wanted to mine some tipe of coin but it allways wos with gpu and they are way expensive and realy im not willing to spend on a gpu and now i cant iven aford it so im never going to mine with gpu but yes im going to mine on hdds for now i just have 1tb for mining all plotted up i just need some burst to be able to enter a pool

    p/s if any one want to give me a hand ill return it later on


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