when do i get payd by the pool

  • hello everyone thanks for reading this my first post here in burstnation

    well as i cant buy any coins at the moment i would hope some one can give me a hand by lending me some burst coins and ill start to mine and give them back by 3x


    thanks everyone for reading

  • ty ty now i can start to mine and hope to make my own coins so i can help some othere new miner

  • ive been mining now for more then 24 hours

    i did everything ass the tutorial sed but yet no burst in my wallet not iven one

    if its the first time it takes more then 24 to get paid my first burst?

    do i have to allways have opend my wallet and web page pool

    by the way im mining in burst romania pool

    any one that can tell me something well be allot of help for me

    onece more ty everyone

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