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    Pool Information

    • Our maximum deadline is 31104000 seconds or 12 months, submissions with deadlines higher than this will be discarded with error codes 1007 or 1008.
      You might be able to set your miner to explicitly skip nonces with deadlines above this threshold.
      Some miners automatically make use of the targetDeadline field when communicating with the pool.
    • Miners should submit nonces to port 8080.
      This pool also supports the getMiningInfo API call on the same port, with added targetDeadline field.
    • To mine here you need to set your "reward recipient" to BURST-2FMM-EMKQ-9WQR-8DB52.
      This costs 1 BURST and you need to wait 4 blocks before it takes effect.
    • Your miner colour is (currently) determined by your numeric account ID.
    • Transaction fees are included in the rewards shared to miners.
      When the pool wins a block, 0% is deducted from the block reward for pool usage fees.
      Of the remaining reward, 50% is shared over miners who submitted nonces for the current block.
      For the current block, a miner's share of the (50%) reward is inversely proportional to (deadline + 1)1.2
      The other 50% is shared over miners who submitted nonces for the previous 500 blocks.
      These "historic" shares are simply the average of "current" shares over the previous 500 blocks.
    • Miner payouts are calculated after a minimum of 10 blocks after the pool wins that block.
      Miner payouts are Deferred until their total pending payout is at least 20 BURST, or the earliest pending payout is over 700 blocks old.
      Queued payouts are waiting to be sent to the BURST network.
      Unconfirmed payouts have been sent to the BURST network but haven't had 10 confirmations yet.
      Confirmed payouts are listed as Paid.
      If there are no unconfirmed payouts, and no blocks won by the pool which haven't been shared out yet, then the balance, minus deferred payouts, is swept into the pool's fee account.
    • Blago's miner config snippet:
      1. "Mode" : "pool",
      2. "Server" : "",
      3. "Port": 8080,
      4. "UpdaterAddr" : "",
      5. "UpdaterPort": 8080,
      6. "TargetDeadline": 31104000,
      7. "SendInterval": 500, TrollBox 2.0